Monday, January 27, 2014

New version of on-screen keyboard 7.1 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • Improved DPI Scaling support.
  • Improved application icons.
  • New large icons have been added.
  • New keyboard type: TouchScreenWin8.
  • New: option "Color" for keys has been added: Picture/Color...
  • NewNew ability to set the font of the key label has been added.
  • Improved: New versions of extensions for Firefox and Chrome have been released.
  • New command "MoveTo X,Y" has been added for JavaScript functions.
  • Improved: You can combine the calls in JavaScript functions: document.title = SavedTitle + " - HVKeyboard Name Mini - HVKeyboard MoveTo 100,10 - HVKeyboard Show";
  • Improved: The zoom of the keyboard changes when you change the keyboard type. The zoom depends on the screen resolution.
  • Improved: Keyboard always provides visual feedback when you touch a key.
  • Fixed: The bug that occurred when you touch one key with two fingers.
  • Fixed: Issue with incorrect text cursor detection in 64-bit systems.
  • Fixed: Sometimes a blank button appears in the taskbar.
  • Fixed: The repeat key settings don't work right when you touch the key with Korean language.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the keyboard appears briefly even though you launch the process with the /HIDEKEYBOARD command line parameter.
  • Fixed: Sometimes keys stay pressed when the PC wakes up from sleep mode.
  • Fixed: Issue with saving labels of keys in Unicode.
  • General fixes and various minor improvements.

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