Sunday, November 9, 2008

On-screen keyboard for a wide range of purposes

Comfort Software Group proudly announces the release of Comfort On-Screen Keyboard, a powerful on-screen keyboard application for a wide range of users. The software displays a unique virtual keyboard on the screen and enables you to use the mouse cursor or the touch screen to type text in any available language. The rich functionality and ergonomics of Comfort On-Screen Keyboard will be especially appreciated by the owners of ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs), tablet PCs and e-kiosk creators, as it provides an easy way or facilitating user input and making it more efficient.

Comfort On-Screen Keyboard supports all the keys found on regular keyboards, but also possesses a number of distinct advantages. Support of mouse gestures simplifies the input of capital letters, spaces and enables you to delete the last character with a single stroke of the mouse cursor. The auto-repeat function repeats the input of a character when the key is pressed and held down. The virtual keyboard displays shortcuts and icons of popular application right on its keys, so you won’t have any problems finding the right hotkey. This is more, when you switch to any language installed in the system, the keyboard will immediately display its characters on the keys, which provides you with a plethora of virtual keyboards to choose from. Flexibility and a multitude of customization options are some of the greatest advantages of Comfort On-Screen Keyboard – you can specify the position of keys on the keyboard and their number, keyboard dimensions, the interface color and even the skin to be used. The software comes with a number of templates, so you can choose the one that best matches your mood, desktop background or device type. Not only does this virtual keyboard give you an opportunity to type characters with your mouse cursor, but can also be used as an aide while learning to touch-type. Whenever you press a key on your real keyboard, the corresponding virtual key is highlighted on the screen, which makes it easier to adjust your typing and identify your weak areas and the most problematic keys. Finally, Comfort On-Screen Keyboard features an auto-complete function, which acts similarly to the predictive typing function in your cell phone. Just start typing a word and the software will make an educated guess about the rest of the word. Once you have some experience with this feature, you will be able to save plenty of time by letting the program complete words for you.

The bottom line is simple – you are very unlikely to find a more functional, elegant and useful on-screen keyboard tool anywhere else. Get it, install it on your home PC, your UMPC, corporate tablet PC or even an e-kiosk, tailor it to you needs and enjoy fast and hassle-free multi-language input!
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